Energy, inspiration and passion are the keywords that describe the essence of Magnuz. His goal is to achieve a unique connection with the heart of the people through his melodies in Piano and Hardstyle. Magnuz is the consecration of an artist, who seeks to take the name of Chile to the top of the world in the electronic music.

Piano is Magnuz’s most powerful weapon and the instrument where he can transmit all his passion for music. Every time he plays the Piano, will take you into a world full of emotions and the best memories of your life. This talent unified with Hardstyle, they have led him to create powerful and motivational melodies.

Last years Magnuz showed the highlights of his career, signing with the music label “Q Dance Next” and traveling the world with his music in Europe, Asia and South America. In 2019 Magnuz went out by performing at mayor events such us Defqon.1, Scantraxx, Dreambeach, China, Hardfall and many more.

Everyday is an opportunity for Magnuz to continue learning this beautiful art of Piano and Hardstyle. The love for music and the energy of the people is the engine of this artist, to continue fighting for his dreams.

Magnuz will tell you with his music what his soul silences.