“Magnuz Design” is our professional line of studio furniture.

 In “Magnuz Design”, we create furniture solutions for artists. For us the Design of a studio is really important, that is why, we take care of every detail, all the furniture is handmade, personalized and quality materials.

Magnuz Design

“We create furniture solutions   for artists”

“You dream it, we Design it”

We do not just manufacture a piece of furniture, or a desk to place the audio equipment. Only we, the musicians and producers, know the amount of hours we dedicate every day in the studio. Our dream is to provide a tool that facilitates the work flow, helps you to obtain better results and be much more comfortable when you are producing.

In the end, you are not just taking a piece of furniture, you are giving yourself a tool that will save you many hours of work and will be reflected in better results at the time of production.

Magnuz Design