It is amazing how a simple Piano can express so many feelings and emotions. Magnuz is a professional pianist; since he was a child he felt a really strong connection with music. He was always in search of the perfect instrument to transmit his music, until one day he came face to face with a Piano. In this instrument he found the perfect weapon to unleash all his passion and energy for music.

From that day on, Magnuz began to study music and piano professionally. With studies at the University of Chile, the Modern School of Music and Uniacc University, he has become a very complete artist in all music areas. With his melodies he is capable of taking you into a world full of emotions and happiness.


Magnuz knows that music is a way of life and the Piano is the best instrument to live it. Since 2017 he has been teaching Piano class to all the people who dream of being able to play the Piano.

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